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Spotlight on Tel Aviv's Rising Pianist, Darya

Our exclusive interview with Darya, a pianist who has mastered North African Music, is now with you!

1- First of all, you are an independent artist, right? We know that you have published all your works independently.

Yes, I’m an independent artist. Meaning that I have full artistic freedom, and full financial responsibility for my musical projects.

2- What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of being an independent artist?

In my opinion, having artistic freedom is both a joy and a necessity. I don’t say that in a romantic way, just in the simplest sense: I find that when I feel I let my freedom of speech be compromised, I have nothing to say. In the world of today, many mainstream artists are awarded vast funds by commercial companies, but in return their artistic directions are pretty much bought out, and so they are very much limited. In contrast, I receive no one's money, my stakes are very high and I have to work very hard for each and every track I produce. I am limited in a way by the money I make, which is all the money I can spend on a project, and making art is costly. But I can make the music I think is true, as I see fit, and to me that’s priceless.

3- Have you thought about collaboration with any music company in your projects, and have made any attempts to create such a collaboration, or do you plan to continue on your own independent way? Was it clear from the beginning that you were going to do so?

Yes, I would be happy to consider working with a label, production company or booking agency, as long as my musical and artistic freedom would not be compromised. Whether or not I find such a collaboration I plan to continue making music and seeking meaningful connections with my audience.

4- How did your first single "Samai Andalou" and your second single "Exactly" come about? Who have you worked with?

Samai Andalou and Exactly were the first two singles out of the project I’m currently touring with. I specialize in North African music, namely Moroccan and Algerian music, which is usually played with large ensembles and orchestras. When the coronavirus began and everything shut down, I suddenly found myself alone in a room, just me and my piano. I began toying with the question, how can I play the music I used to play, giving the same richness of rhythms and textures that characterizes North African ensembles, but using only solo piano? This question fascinated me enough to create a full live show, and happily, it still fascinates me every time I perform it.

5- After these singles, you published 2 works as a team of 3? Who did you work with and how did these three come together?

After the Corona restrictions began to subside, I began touring with the solo version of this project, but concurrently I created a trio version. I also collaborated with several artists, among them an amazing 80-year old singer named Raymonde el Bidaouia, who was one of my main inspirations for the original music I wrote for this project. Raymonde performed with my trio on our debut show, and we are scheduled for more shows this coming winter.

6- How would you describe the music you make?

To be honest, I think an artist is usually the one whose opinion matters least on this question. Like letting a parent talk about their kid. Better ask the next door neighbor :) But when I introduce myself and my music, I say that it’s original and traditional North African music. Meaning that it’s inspired first of all by the genres I chose to specialize in, that is, Moroccan and Algerian music. But my musical thinking is also shaped by the music I grew up on: Classical European music, and later Jazz, Rock, eclectic musicians I like from around the world.

7- You have live performance videos of your works on your YouTube channel. Do you plan to shoot video clips for your works?

Possibly, yes. But I have a special place in my heart for live sessions. That’s the best imitation of a live show you can get online, and that’s what I’m most drawn to both as a listener and a creator of music. I love the intimacy of creating music in my small room, just with the piano and myself, and I love the radically different kind of intimacy that happens when I share the making and remaking of that music with people. Live shows have that magic, and live sessions sometimes are able to capture some of it too.

8- How is the feedback you have received so far in your musical life that you started in 2021?

I began my career as a performing musician some years back, and I think I started my musical life at around 5 years old :) But yes, my current project began touring in 2021 and I have received amazing reviews, both from the listeners, from the press and from venues and festivals. This allows me to continue to grow and play for an ever widening audience, which is both an intense learning opportunity, and a dream come true.

9- Do you have new works that you plan to publish, will a new work arrive in 2023?

Yes! Lots of new music planned to come out this coming year. I’m really looking forward to making it and sharing it.

10- What would you like to say to Alliarti readers?

I hope you enjoy the music! I’m so happy for this opportunity to share some music and thoughts with you. You’re more than welcome to follow my page and keep in touch.

You can listen to Darya on many platforms, especially Spotify. You can access the concert calendar and many content on their website.


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