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Gizem Seval's Letter to the Past: Her Debut Single "Ask Kalmadi"

Alliarti's new artist Gizem Seval has released her first single 'Ask Kalmadi,' which captivates with its emotional depth, to music lovers.

Gizem Seval, an artist who began her musical journey in childhood, has always shown a deep passion for music throughout her educational life. She took voice and solfège lessons, followed by songwriting workshops, and ultimately found the stage to express her art with Alliarti.

The song "Aşk Kalmadı" is a collaboration between Gizem Seval and Ali Ozcan, who co-wrote the lyrics. Ali Ozcan also took care of the arrangement, mixing, and mastering. Drawing from Gizem's personal experiences, the song reflects on the forgotten beauties and fleeting moments of a past relationship, highlighting how love is no longer what it once was and that there's no turning back. Gizem remarks, "Love isn't the same anymore, and there's no way back from this path.

This heartfelt and touching song represents one of Gizem Seval's ways of expressing herself as an artist. The track, released under the Alliarti label, is available on all digital music platforms. "Ask Kalmadi" will take you on a journey to your past, perhaps helping you to confront emotions you thought you had forgotten.

Gizem's debut is an emotionally rich and musically impressive start. Discover Gizem Seval's "Ask Kalmadi," a song that tells her own story through the universal language of music. It might just become a new source of inspiration for you.

"Ask Kalmadi" marks a significant step in Gizem Seval's journey of self-expression as an artist. The song is now available on all digital music platforms under the Alliarti label with distribution by Videomite. To experience Gizem's musical talents and emotional depth, listen to "Ask Kalmadi" on YouTube. Enjoy listening!

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